Tatung - the group

Tatung Company Taiwan

Founded in  1918 Tatung has now three main business fields.

Tatung is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturer of digital consumer products, including LCD TV`s and network-connected devices. The products are being sold worldwide under well known names.

Second business field are products for home appliances  

Third business field of Tatung is heavy industrie business such as wire cable and industrial products like optical fiber cable, gas insulated switchgears, generators, transformers and motors.

Worldwide Tatung have  approx. 35000 employees in 12 countries with a turnover of approx.  6 Billon Euros per year.

Tatung is in a solid position to deliver products more efficiently and render customer service more effectively.

Tatung specializes in the ODM/OEM business and serves branded customers on a global basis.


Tatung - Motors

Tatung started to produce and sale motors in 1949.

Motor products include high voltage, low voltage, single phase and three phase motors. 10,56MW 18p,6,6KV V1; 6,5MW 8p,11,4KV DS-SL ;2,9MW 22p V1 motors,only to list some, are within the standard production range.

Motors are produced, tested and certified according european standard (IEC).  Design and production is up to date. High reliability and long life are designed rules to create and supply excellent products to many well known customers.

A lot of components on which the quality is based on are supplied by well known subsuppliers from Europe, for example bearings and insulation materials.

In Taiwan, Tatung is the first one who received the National QC Group Award, the certificate of ABS and CR. Since 1993 Tatung is certified according ISO 9001 and since 1999 ISO14001

Tatung products fullfill  the standards from T-Mark, NEMA, UL, CSA and CE.

Tatung Motors deliver their excellent products not only  in Taiwan and China, but  also in America, Japan, Australia and now in Europe and Russia.


The motors are produced in 2 factories


Tatung (Taipei Sanshia)  Motor plant




Tatung started 1972 to build  Sanshia Motor plant 

The plant supplies since1974 the domestic and overseas market with excellent, high-quality and high-performance motors

- Employees approx. 1100

- Size of the ground 166,000 m²

- Buildings 86,880 m²

Tatung (Shanghai) CO., LTD. Motor plant

Tatung (Shanghai) CO., LTD. , was founded in 1998 , as department of Tatung Company.

- Employees approx . 780

- Size of the ground 185,000 m²

- Buildings 60,000 m², including 10,000 m² offices

TATUNG Motorplants in Pictures